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Cloud Technology

ProductSpace provides analysis and assessment of an existing infrastructure and how an appropriate Cloud technology can be used to facilitate all or portions of their existing environment.

Architecture Services

Design of cloud based PLM environment for customer specific performance and scalability needs

  • Provide architectural guidance on provisioning content replica servers and CAD workers in a distributed framework
  • Ensure compliance with required security standards
  • Recommend optimal network setup for the cloud based on the customer’s internal network configuration and bandwidth requirements
  • Design for fault tolerance and disaster recovery

Deployment & Data Migration

Migrate entire PLM environments from on-premise hardware to Amazon EC2 or OpenStack based Cloud Platforms.

  • Comprehensive end-to-end planning, testing, implementation and support for all aspects of migrating to the cloud
  • Planning for data migration and cut-over plan of production data from on-premise to the cloud
  • Proactive performance testing and tuning of the cloud environment
  • Project governance based on ITIL standards

Integration Services

  • Integration of cloud-based PLM system to on-premise corporate IT systems
  • Design and provisioning of integration architecture to link PLM on the cloud with enterprise systems running on-premise or in other hosted platforms
  • Development of lightweight integration frameworks to facilitate integration of globally distributed systems using cloud-based queues and workflows
  • Provisioning of cloud-based single sign-on framework

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

  • End-to-end solution that provides secure cloud backup of entire system with point of time recovery
  • Built-in framework for automatic backup to multiple sites and geographies based on SLA requirements
  • Monitoring framework to guarantee that backups are always up-to-date
  • Instant provisioning of a secondary site for DR without the need for a “hot standby” environment
  • Periodic validation of DR processes as per SLA requirements