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PLM Jumpstart Implementation


ProductSpace’s Consultative Methodology ensures not only that your goals are met, but a collaborative effort that keeps your team up to speed. With years of experience in product data implementations, ProductSpace developed a JumpStart program for Windchill PDMLink that will help your company get started with the shortest learning curve possible

  • Assessments
  • Hardware and Software recommendations
  • In depth configuration discussions
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Training
  • RAPiDS support

This program is designed for users to start using Windchill, and to start the lifelong partnership between ProductSpace and you!

ProductSpace’s Project Path:

Specification Development
  • ProductSpace has created a process in which every common configuration question can be captured and documented for future reference, as part of our lean philosophy.
  • This way, when work is done in the future, you will know what you decided, when you decided it, and why you decided upon it.
Virtualized Environments
  • ProductSpace’s partnership with VMware allows for knowledge around the best ways to make sure that we don’t affect users until you decide you want to, on a go-live.
  • We will make sure that all of our source migration instances, and in some cases production instances, are virtualized and tuned for the best possible performance.
Rehearsal Migrations
  • Each of our migrations will utilize at least one rehearsal migration, where we run through a dry-run of our migration path.
  • This migration will be validated against using procedure documents provided by ProductSpace, to make sure your users can properly validate, by telling them
    • What to look for
    • What format we’re looking for information back
    • Key areas to investigate
Production Migrations
  • Each production migration will be followed by an on-site support week, where a ProductSpace expert will assist you with all issues
Post-Production Support
  • RAPiDS support options allow for constant support post go-live