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Windchill360 Cloud Overview

PLM on Cloud (Windchill360.com) is a ProductSpace’s SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution, designed for the PTC’s Windchill PLM application (ProIntralink / PDMLink / ProjectLink / FlexPLM) and run on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. For a nominal monthly subscription, a customer can eliminate the hassles of managing internal IT infrastructure to support the application and instead, keep their focus on their core business objectives. Windchill360 includes 24×7 support offered by a team of dedicated system, database and application administrators to address any system issues and provides an SLA (Service Level Agreement) commitment for 99.5% system uptime.


Windchill360 runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is one of the most secure cloud platforms with numerous customers including those with stringent security and ITAR requirements. Each customer environment is designed as a separate virtual private cloud (VPC) that completely shields all the systems and only allows the needed access. All customer environments are configured to use SSL with support to enforce strong passwords and optionally to use forms-based authentication.


Windchill360 service is designed to provide a very high-level of reliability. All the application data resides in Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes which offers 10 times more reliability than a commodity disk drive. Snapshots of the EBS volumes are captured each day and are stored in Amazon S3 storage, which offers nine nines (99.9999999%) SLA for durability. Windchill360 uses the relational database service (RDS) of the AWS platform for Oracle or SQL Server. The RDS service offers a high-availability database service with built-in failover mechanisms and support for point of time recovery. By leveraging the capabilities of Amazon RDS service, Windchill360 is able to offer a high-availability solution to customers.


With Windchill360, a customer does not have to make any upfront investment for deploying the Windchill PLM solution across their enterprise. There is complete flexibility to scale the system to match your usage patterns and to only pay for the services that are consumed. New services and systems can be added with ease without any impact to existing service levels.


The AWS platform is distributed across the globe with data centers in all major regions. By using Windchill360, a customer can deploy their Windchill system in a secure manner to any AWS region. The solution can also be used to configure a master server in the primary region and replica servers in the secondary regions, with all the systems hosted entirely in the cloud.


Windchill360 offers very economical pricing without the need for long-term contracts. With the flexibility offered by the cloud platform, customers need to only pay for the services they are using and gradually scale up as and when needed.

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